Light & Shadow United, 2023


To become truly powerful you must set forth on a journey for deeper meaning, one that transcends physicality and touches the essence of your being. Which is to say, you must embody your True Self. Really know it, be it, and live it. While the path to true power is non-linear and everlasting, there is a set of principles—a roadmap—that, if followed with sincerity, conscientiousness, and consistency, leads one to become truly powerful. In body, mind, and spirit.



The first principle to become truly powerful is to Know Thyself. You must know your True Self. Who you are at the very core of your Being. What are your beliefs about yourself and the world? What are your values, and what do you prioritise and why? What are your fears? What motivates you and why? Also, what are your prejudices and what assumptions do you make about yourself and others? Before you can harness your inner power you must understand who you are. This requires a deep level of self-awareness, self-knowledge, and self-understanding. All of which we gain through deep introspection and self-reflection. To connect deeply with the essence of our being requires a deep connection with our innermost thoughts and feelings. Only by knowing yourself can you begin to master yourself. So the foundation of true power is self-awareness.



The second principle to become truly powerful is to cultivate harmony. True power is not found in extremes, force, or tension, but in harmony. As harmony signifies balance and equilibrium, it forms the bedrock of stability. So strive to bring harmony to all aspects of your life, from which you can build a solid foundation. Identify where you have imbalance or instability and find its opposite to bring about harmony. An aspect of finding balance is to accept dualism. Which means embracing one’s dual nature, also known as Aspects of Self. There are many facets to our personality and finding harmony means accepting and integrating all parts of Self; the good, the bad, and the ugly. This principle extends to others and the world at large. So seek to cultivate harmony in body, mind, and spirit by getting to know yourself deeply. This will give you inner strength and stability. For stability is strength, and inner stability is the gateway toward true power.



The third principle to become truly powerful is to quiet the mind. The greatest challenge of modernity is finding peace and quiet away from the distractions of the modern world. But the only way to truly connect with your true power is to quiet the mind and find stillness within. Without peace, quiet, and solitude it is impossible to truly get in touch with our innermost Being and connect to our innate wisdom and the voice of our soul. Your thoughts can be your greatest ally or your greatest enemy. Practise meditation and sit in silence and solitude for as long as possible—every single day. The more you practise this, the greater your insights will be and the clearer your thoughts will become. In the stillness of your mind you will find clarity and the power to make wise decisions. Having a calm and focused mind is the foundation for inner peace and tranquillity. Which leads to greater presence, awareness, and an inner strength and fortitude. 



The fourth principle to become truly powerful is to serve others. True power comes from one’s inner strength, character, and wisdom. It is about goodness, truth, and beauty. It is not about domination or control for personal gain, but about being of service to others. So, in empowering, inspiring, and uplifting others we build our inner fortitude, develop character, and cultivate wisdom, which naturally serves the interests of all. Furthermore, by helping others you harness the power of unity and community. Because it is by serving others that we understand the value of kindness, the strength of humility, and the importance of community. Thus, true power comes from having an open heart, filled with compassion, gratitude, and a genuine desire for the greater good, and to be of service to others.



The fifth principle to become truly powerful is to embrace change. Those who are the most nimble and agile in body, mind, and spirit are the most adaptable and most likely to succeed in life. The world is in constant flux and change. To be truly powerful you must be willing to adapt and flow with the changing tides—always. Your growth depends on it. There is no progression in stagnation, only regression. The more tightly you hold onto something, the more rigid and inflexible you become, and by consequence the weaker and less powerful you are. Embrace change and challenges as opportunities for growth and expansion. Let go of all attachments that hold you back and keep you from moving forward. Change is the only constant. Those who are willing to adapt become the most resourceful, flexible, and the most powerful.



If you adopt these principles by following this roadmap, and dedicate yourself to embodying and living your True Self, through cultivating self-awareness, you will experience profound inner transformation. Not overnight, but slowly and surely in due time, you will become truly powerful. And, as you find inner peace and harmony within yourself, you will cultivate greater clarity and confidence. Because you will understand that true power resides within the Self (Source). Remember, that the path to self-realisation and thus true power, is eternal. There is no destination. But rather, the pathway to Self signifies an infinite journey, one filled with highs and lows of experience, that will ultimately lead you to obtain greater knowledge, self-discovery, and self-realisation. More importantly, realise now, that the power you seek is already within you, waiting to be realised and acknowledged by your inner truth. When you awaken your True Self, you simultaneously awaken your true power.