The multitude of personal personas that live within your psyche. They represent your psychological make-up in terms of alternative personalities and personality types that differ from how you consciously perceive yourself. They are the different personas and personality traits of the Self. Numerous and diverse, these characters live within the psyche, complete with their own needs and desires, which they seek to fulfil through the conscious Self. Some are complimentary to your conscious conception of Self, while others directly oppose this worldview. They can be constructive or destructive depending on your conscious and unconscious relationship with them. Often they represent your shadow aspects of self. As such they usually become apparent, are expressed, or exposed, through the various roles you play within society. The further you are from your True Self, the more complex and hidden are your Aspects of Self. Awareness of these aspects is necessary for total integration into your True Self.


Is the state of living in conscious awareness. It is the physical and non-physical embodiment of consciousness. It is the representation of living/embodying your True Self.


Is the state of being systematically and habitually indoctrinated by the dominant ideology. It refers to the established, pervading, socio-cultural and political belief systems that are continually reinforced through the private and the public domain. They include, but are not limited to: the family home, cultural centres and practices, literature, films, television, media, people, and organisations including private and government bodies, schools,  and universities etc. Basically, anything you are exposed to, both consciously and subliminally, contributes to conditioning. This manifests as someone who is conditioned by this programming.


Is your energetic core. It is energetic in nature and refers to your essential spirit that is connected with Source (universal energy). It is consciousness itself, understood as the primal energetic principle that permeates all life. Of the physical and non-physical alike.


Is a metaphysical dimension which is not defined by physicality, form, space, and time. Examples of the formless dimension are the dream state, the imagination, creative ideas, and meditative states. It is any realm of existence that cannot be defined by the conceptual mind. It is limitless and eternal.


Is your highest expression of Being. The embodiment of your True Self; the greatest possible version of yourself—as authentic and genuine. It is the total alignment of values and the awakening of Self into consciousness. Basically, enlightenment.


Prompts are spontaneous, intuitive thoughts, feelings, and/or ideas that come from your Higher Self, Source, and/or your True Self. They are intuitive guides and messages that seem to “come out of nowhere.” They may or may not make logical sense to you at the exact moment they come, as the intention is to guide you to your next best move. Prompts are your personal navigation system. They are never fear based, negative, or destructive. There is no sense of urgency or panic behind them. Rather, they are simple prompts that feel like gentle whispers and clues. Follow them. 


Is the state of Being and self-mastery through the successful integration of body, mind, and soul into the physical world. The actualised self is one that transcends preconceived notions of self and goes beyond previous levels of experience into a higher state of consciousness. It denotes a high level of self-awareness, consciousness, and conscientiousness. The self-actualised is capable of successfully carrying out tasks to a high level with mental, physical, and emotional competency. It represents alignment with the Universal Principle. Self-Actualisation is the personification of success. Unity with consciousness.


Is the aliveness that runs through all existence. It is the energetic current—the flow—that births life, creativity, and expression. It is consciousness that comprises all things, animate and inanimate, including our physical bodies.


Is your eternal nature. Truth. The underlying essence and essential core of your Being. It is boundless and free.


A symbol is a term, name, or an image that does not have a fixed meaning; but points to many possible meanings beyond itself. Therefore a symbol is subjective.


Your True Self refers to who you are at your core. It’s your core essence; who you are at a soul/spirit level. It is your uniqueness, and genuine, authentic expression of Self, and what you came to embody in this lifetime. It is who you are beneath personal, societal, and familial conditioning. Your True Self is free and original. When you live in alignment with your True Self you are creative, have clarity of purpose, and confidence in yourself and the Universal Principle.


Refers to your unique expression of your authentic talents and gifts. There are your personal characteristics, traits, skills, and abilities that are often hidden or repressed within your subconscious mind. Your True Value lies in the conscious acknowledgement of these gifts and to birth them into external reality. The unique form in which this manifests is your True Value.


Is the part of the mind that you are unaware of consciously. It is the creative source where all potential exists. And is the driving force behind your behaviours and emotions. 


Is the unconditioned self. The part of yourself that you are unaware of. It houses your True Self; your genius, and potential. It’s synonymous with Source/ consciousness.   


Is the Self that is in total balance and harmony.  All fragments of Self are integrated and unified into wholeness. The unconscious and conscious mind are in unison and work cooperatively together. It is the integration of duality within the psyche as expressed within the internal and external Self as a unified whole.