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The pathway to the True Self begins with Truth, because Truth is the master key that opens every door. Where there is doubt, confusion, and indecision, finding the underlying Truth in the situation leads to greater clarity and confidence. ALWAYS. Furthermore, Personal Truth is synonymous with Universal Truth. Meaning, once we accept Truth as a noble and loyal ally, we adopt Truth Consciousness. Meaning, everything we do is in honour of truth, because there really is no other way to live authentically and honourably. 

Which is why Truth is the Master Key that unlocks EVERY DOOR. It is the gateway to self-awareness, inner transformation and self-realisation. But how does embracing Truth Consciousness illuminate the path ahead? What does it mean to embody Truth Consciousness? 

Adopting Truth Consciousness means finding Truth (both personal and impersonal) and living it. More specifically, it means living authentically by prioritising personal values as opposed to upholding those imposed by family and societal conditioning. However, one thing to note is that our conception of Truth must also be in line with the metaphysical laws that govern the universe; namely, the Universal Principle, aka, Universal Truth.


The key to transformation is a shift in consciousness, one rooted in Truth. From a lower state of awareness, to a higher, more evolved, conscious state of knowing. Why? Because external conditions reflect inner states of Being. Therefore, in order to change—to affect external conditions—internal transformation is necessary. How do we change internally? Through self-awareness, and knowledge of Self, Spirit, Other, and understanding that the world is: ONE—WHOLE—ECOSYSTEM. Understanding this is paramount: as is understanding our relationship with the Universal Principle and man-made law in general. That is, how we consciously function and interact with the non-physical and physical world alike. 

To explain further, the Universal Principle refers to Natural Law; that which governs the cosmos; it’s the law of energy. While man-made law refers to everything else. Ignorance of this fact puts us at a huge disadvantage to make empowered decisions, because, as noted, we are one part of a greater whole. If we cut one part of ourselves off, we are incomplete. Something within us is missing and either consciously or subconsciously we search for these missing pieces in order to find wholeness. In other words, we are a microcosm of the macrocosm, denying this fact prevents us from expanding into our totality. But above all, this principle suggests living in harmony with nature, meaning Mind, Body, and Spirit must be in sync with the greater whole. To live in such a way is to follow the path of least resistance; to be in conscious flow, with the Universal Principle. As such, alignment and flow are the first principles of Truth.


On this basis, I focus on distilling metaphysical principles into workable, practical tools for transformation—to affect change on the inner and outer levels of existence. To change, means to become something different, and the only way to truly change is to become conscious. That is to say, to become more aware of ourselves, nature, society, and why we think, do, and act the way we do. So change requires new understanding; seeing things from a different perspective. This, in turn, changes our thoughts, feelings, and actions. 

But true change is symbolised by the process of metamorphosis; where a shift in consciousness literally takes a new form. While we are unable to completely take a new form physically, we can transform metaphysically and internally. Remember, whatever form external conditions take, it reflects an internal state of consciousness. As outer forms and circumstances reflect an inner state of Being, first and foremost. External circumstances mirror internal conditions—always. And we cannot change what we are not conscious of. So we must first become aware, so that our actions reflect our thoughts; our inner state of being.


This forms the basis of my approach to inner transformation, which rests on the principle that consciousness is the Creative Power that permeates EVERYTHING—including our Being. This is because consciousness is the energetic fabric of the Universe—it’s the essence, the very core—of the cosmos and our Being. Essentially, consciousness is our true nature; the Spirit of who we are. It’s our intrinsic True Self, the creative life force, that is expressed through our individuality; it’s our soul expression. We can also describe it as The Power Within, which symbolises not only consciousness, and our True Self, but also Mind, the faculty we use to direct the Creative Power and bring Spirit into manifestation.


So to bring about desired change on a deep level requires not only a higher shift in consciousness, and knowledge of Self and Other, but also the correct use of Mind. So as to direct The Power Within with conscious intention. Through proper use of Mind, in accordance with Truth and the Universal Principle, we can direct our focus with purpose and meaning, thereby creating a life by intentional design, as opposed to default. 

Note that the Universal Principle represents the Natural Law governing the cosmos, which cannot be changed. It can only be respected. Our aim, therefore, is to understand and work alongside nature; to align with its power by flowing with it, rather than resisting it. Because true power is the path of least resistance, as it comes from the Creative Power—consciousness. And we locate and access this from within ourselves. Therefore, effective use of Mind stands as our personal superpower to channel The Power Within.


On this basis, it follows that our potential lies in the Creative Power—consciousness—and in our ability to direct our awareness with conscious intention, equal to the Universal Principle. That is, with the assumption that Truth is the underlying premise for all intention, thought, and action. So the key to personal transformation and attaining our desire is to bring our conscious and subconscious mind into equilibrium. Thereby creating harmony and congruence with our True Self, desires, and will. In doing so, we harness The Power Within for inner transformation and self-realisation.


Of great significance to my approach is the notion that, as physical Beings living in a material world, desire is an important and valid catalyst for clarity, motivation, and growth. That’s because I believe that desire serves as the impetus that ultimately points us toward a deeper inner longing we all harbour as human beings. Which is to realise our full potential and live as superconscious Beings. 

Our aim, therefore, is for us to transcend mundane existence and elevate our consciousness in honour of Truth. Because essentially they are one and the same. Which ultimately leads to the discovery of our True Self (Personal Truth), for the purpose of freedom and autonomy. That is, to be sovereign of our destiny by expressing individual Truth with honour and integrity. To put it another way, our task is to find and express our Soul’s personality and individuality, by honouring, and living as our True Self. In doing so, we not only serve our highest good, but also humanity’s; by raising the collective consciousness and facilitating enlightenment.


To this end, there are three fundamental principles that are key for the manifestation of inner transformation and self-realisation:

i. An understanding of the Universal Principle; its nature and function;

ii. Self-awareness and knowledge, both intrinsic and extrinsic, and its relationship to Self and Other;

iii. The correct, practical application of knowledge, applied with awareness, consistent with Truth and the Universal Principle.