The Power Within, 2023


 What is Power—true power? The kind that makes certain people, places, and things—mesmerising. How do we define it? Where does it come from, and how do we access it? Well, it may or may not come as a surprise that power comes from Source; meaning, it comes from the Universe itself. And because of this fact, it means that it resides within the Self also. Why? Simply because power is essentially consciousness, and you, we, us, they etc. are, at our very core, consciousness. Therefore, it is not something that can be given by any person, entity, or thing, it simply “is,” and it exists independently, with or without any person or thing. But, it must be recognised and acknowledged as such before it can be properly harnessed and integrated into our Being. That being said, I personally define power as “effortless flow.” I understand it as an invisible, expressive, creative energy that attracts, expands, and multiplies effortlessly. 

Thus, to come into Being with our own power is to realise first and foremost that we are, and have power simultaneously. Why? Because as noted, power is consciousness, and consciousness is the essence of life itself. As such, to activate our inherent power we must go within and make a connection with our Inner Self. Given this, self-knowledge is the key to self-understanding, and through the process of self-awareness we establish our Inner Truth. In light of this, the final stage requires integration of our self-knowledge by embodying our True Self. That is, by actually living it, and honouring our values through our actions. Because the truth is, our Inner Truth is our secret power within, simply because it is our highest source of consciousness.



 When we acknowledge and honour our individual truth it strengthens our inner character and fortitude, which translates as power. We develop the awareness and means to make our way in the world with confidence and dignity. Which, primarily, we channel through our state of consciousness, which is facilitated through Mind. Mind is thus the primary means by which we process information and knowledge, and select and direct our intentions and actions. 

However, while Mind is one of our greatest assets, it can also be our downfall. If we are not cognisant of our own mental process we are susceptible to malfunctions and irrational tendencies that hinder our development. Undoubtedly, Mind is a gift, but it’s also a double-edged sword. To say Mind has a mind of its own, is an understatement. Thus, for us to truly transform into our True Self, we must use Mind with awareness and conscious intention—in alignment with Truth. Meaning, our intentions must be congruent with our Inner Essence: and must come from a place of Inner Truth. This is the constructive use of Mind.



 Mind is our conduit to Source. In this sense, Mind is the apparatus; the tool we use to tap into Source, which allows us to connect our conscious intentions with the vast network of creative potential that already exists within the Universe. But again, it must be used constructively in order to be effective. In this way, Mind acts as a facilitator, as a bridge from the conscious to the subconscious mind. Meaning, the subconscious mind “plugs-into” Source (consciousness), as it were, and we, the conscious “I” communicates with the subconscious mind to receive information. Remember, consciousness is the essence of existence itself and therefore represents a state of Being. These states of Being are further differentiated into different levels, perceptions, understandings, or reflections of reality. We can understand it as having multiple perspectives informed by different time-space realities. This is what it means to “think differently,” in this instance one literally has the capacity of seeing something from an alternative reality, or point of view. 



 To keep things simple, I classify these various states (of Being) as followers: I refer to the conscious mind as the Individual Mind (IM), and the subconscious mind as the Universal Mind (UM). And Source/Consciousness is simply referred to as Source. By organising these concepts in this way we can clearly see the relationship between them. Therefore, we can better understand the different roles they play regarding our conscious awareness and how energy flows, in general.

That being said, with conscious intention we use the IM to connect to the UM, thereby tapping into Source. So, through the IM and UM we have the capacity to extend beyond the parameters of our conscious mind and physical existence as we know it (conceptually). Basically, this means we are able to extend beyond the confines/borders that define our existence. Thus, Mind broadens our reach, our potential, metaphysically and physically. Because we are able to project ourselves into the field of consciousness, and therefore into the realm of infinite intelligence and pure potential to experience what is actually possible for us to achieve. Albeit in another dimension first, for example, visually within the imagination. Put simply, Mind gives us the opportunity to surpass present reality/possibility—as we currently conceive it. 

Please note, Mind, as referred to herein represents a faculty; a process; a tool; a mental and metaphysical power. In this sense, it is threefold in nature; signifying the instrument of Mind itself, the capacity of Mind, and Mind as facilitator/creator of reality.



 So, Source signifies the wellspring of creative power, and Mind gives us the capacity to make conscious connections. Again, it’s important to understand that power—Source—is metaphysical; meaning it exists beyond the laws of the physical dimension. It’s important to really understand this, so when working with these concepts we don’t fall into the trap of applying the limits of our time-space reality onto our potential reality. Again, time and space do not exist in the sphere of Mind. That is to say, in the formless dimension. It is thus infinite, boundless, and timeless. As is our potential. 

Therefore, our conception of our capacity and potential—what we consciously conceive as being possible to achieve—is unfathomable from our conceptual mind state. Why? Because one, the IM is conditioned by the laws of the physical world; the laws of time-space physics. And two, everything we know conceptually, stems from conditioning that’s rooted in past experience. Due to this we often cut ourselves short from what is possible for us to achieve because we are using our past experience as the benchmark. 

But understand that this is a fallacy; our past is not the arbiter of destiny. It does not represent the sum total of our capacity or potential. It’s important to realise that our past is nothing more than the summation of a previous state of consciousness. Therefore, if we raise our state of consciousness we have the capacity to surpass previous levels of experience. Remember, Mind allows us to go beyond our current state of knowing and experience. Therefore, when we harness the power of Mind our potential is limitless.



 Conscious use of Mind is thus the Master Facilitator, and when appropriately aligned with individual conscious intention and Source, becomes the Master Creator. Why? Because Mind is the mechanism capable of connecting us to Source; the field of Infinite Intelligence. Thus, it is through proper use of Mind we connect to the field of consciousness and download information from the ether. But, to get a clear signal our mind requires clear directives that align with our true intentions. We must also cultivate the awareness to recognise insights when they come.

As we have already established, the conscious Self, the thinking “I” that makes decisions, governs the IM. Given this, as conscious individuals we have the autonomy to bring ideas into physical existence. That is to say, we have the power to transform formless ideas into tangible reality.



 For this reason, the Master of Mind holds the key to inner transformation, as Mind is the conduit between three worlds. That being, the conscious, subconscious, and collective unconscious. Put simply, the IM communicates with the UM and this is where our autonomous power lies. As noted, Mind is the instrument through which we tap into the field of potentiality. So, we connect to Source, download information, decipher the message, then take aligned action. This is the process of transformation (for humans). In this way, Mind masters reality. Therefore, the individual of that mind is the master of that mind, which is to say, the master of reality. Furthermore, to master Mind is to have sovereignty over our state of being and therefore sovereignty over our destiny. To this end, mastering Mind facilitates Master Creators, and this is the key to transformation.



 In theory, to be a Master Creator there is nothing we need to do or be because we are in essence already Master Creators. That being said, how exactly do we consistently and consciously become Master Creators? What is the process? Firstly, the IM gives the UM a specific directive. Secondly, the UM downloads information from Source, which comes in the form of intuitive prompts. This might present as random thoughts telling you to go to a certain place, reach out to a specific person etc. Thirdly, and most importantly, we must act on these specific prompts. 

An important point to note is that growth is not linear, and sometimes prompts may seem counter intuitive. Sometimes they will seem irrational or illogical, but I urge you to follow them anyway and take note of where they lead you. Oftentimes they show up in the form of symbolic pointers, setting off a sequence of events that have great significance. Trusting the process and taking inventory of how our prompts presented and where they lead to, helps to identify our personal patterning. When we follow our intuitive guidance properly, taking note of what, why, and how, we get important clues into our own intuitive process. Because true prompts always guide us towards a realisation of some kind. Taking action, without a doubt, is the most important step. As experience leads to wisdom.

True inner transformation can only come from our individual inner guidance through intuitive experience and self-reflection. Also, action creates movement, and this is co-creating with the Universe; literally creating reality. Remember, Source is the creative fountainhead of life and we are a microcosm of the macrocosm. In other words, we are an individual reflection of Source and are thus the Master Creators of our life. This means that you, and only you, have the power to take charge and change your life.



But how do we stay on-track to ensure we’re moving in the right direction? By making our state of consciousness our primary purpose, through practising self-awareness and taking responsibility for ourselves. How do we do this? In practical terms, firstly by establishing your Inner Truth, secondly by ensuring quality of mind, thirdly by creating space, and fourthly by taking aligned action.



Quality of outcome is assured by the following:

By way of the IM, we are solely responsible for giving direction to the UM. So the quality of that direction, meaning the quality of our awareness, establishes our Inner Truth, which determines the quality of our thoughts and actions. Essentially, the effectiveness of Mind. Quality of Mind determines the end result. So quality of outcome stems from quality of thought: one’s level of consciousness—Mind—as facilitated through one’s direction—orchestrated by one’s self-awareness and knowledge. 

Quality of Mind is thus determined by three fundamental factors:

i. Level of self-awareness and knowledge

ii. Use of Mind

iii. Understanding of the Universal Principle 

The Universal Principle, which is explained in greater detail here, represents the Natural Law of the universe. Essentially, it’s the law of energy, the fundamental nature of energy and matter and how it works; quantum physics.

In short, our self-understanding needs to be consistent with the Universal Principle. In other words, we are most successful when our intentions and actions flow with the universal laws of nature. Consider, for instance, the principle of cause and effect. Every cause (thought) has an effect (action) which produces an outcome. This is a Universal Principle.

In closing, the greater our self-awareness and knowledge, the more effective our Mind, and the greater our power.