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What is the source of transformation? Getting to the core essence of anything and working with that energy directly always yields better results, faster. Evolving into our highest, most authentic, True Self takes a high-level of self-awareness, ruthless honesty, and the courage to act on our intuitive prompts. Understanding Self and Other gives us insight into our subconscious blocks and the negative mental patterns that cause confusion and chaos. When we make the unconscious—conscious, our authentic needs and desires become clear. Forward movement becomes more seamless because we have confidence in our decisions and direction.

But it all starts with knowing thyself. Taking inventory of our beliefs and unconscious patterns, and understanding why and how they influence our decisions and circumstances—is paramount. Why? Because our circumstances reflect our inner state of Being. Meaning our self-awareness and state of consciousness. And our awareness is heightened by our degree of Presence and vice versa. Being perceptive while understanding our relationship and connectedness with all-life translates as cognisance. Yet we all have blind spots that hold us back from achieving our desires and our highest Self.


These usually present in the form of subconscious blocks. Due to our specific individual make-up, life experiences, and societal conditioning, we develop personas, fears and insecurities. To our detriment they rule our behaviour and decision making. For the most part, we project these onto people and situations to protect ourselves, or to satisfy unfulfilled needs and desires. Mostly this process is unconscious, and the longer our needs go unrecognised and unmet, the more intensified they become.

Denying our needs creates unconscious patterns that manifest as irregular and unexpected behaviours while going about daily life. Because we are dealing with suppressed character traits and emotions, they erupt spontaneously, catching us off-guard. If we fail to acknowledge these parts of ourselves—and bring them out into the open—so to speak, they regress deeper into the psyche. This is what causes neurosis. Denied Aspects of Self get pushed further into the recesses of the mind. To paint a visual picture, unconscious thought patterns literally create trenches in the brain. The deeper the trench the more entrenched our thoughts and behaviours become. Symptoms include rigidity, inflexibility and an inability for spontaneity.

This strengthens the neural pathways in the brain, created by repetitive thoughts and beliefs, creating rigidity and narrow thinking. And the longer we continue to loop on repetitive thoughts, the more ingrained they become, and the harder it is for us to change. Or even to see alternative viewpoints. Following the path of least resistance, our thoughts eventually become habits. We assume a one-track mindset adopting a standardised line-of-thought time and again. Consequently, allowing our subconscious thoughts to run rampant by remaining ignorant of them, causes chaos. Given this, it’s easy to see how and why we unconsciously create destructive patterns over and over, albeit manifesting in different people and situations.


You have a history of working in “toxic” work environments with “difficult” people. You go from job to job, never finding the “right fit.” Every job you have ends in conflict with your colleagues or superiors. It’s a recurring theme in your life.

What does this mean?

This pattern is wake-up call urging you to reflect on your relationship dynamics. To get to the root cause of this pattern note your attitudes and beliefs to see what needs to change in your communication and interpersonal skills. We can only change when we acknowledge our own unconscious behaviour that created our circumstances. Only then can we take the necessary action to change. 

And most importantly, instead of blaming other people, situations, or things, we must take responsibility for our life. We are responsible for creating our life. If you are waiting for life to give you what you want at every turn, you’ll be waiting a lifetime and beyond. Because the truth is, the purpose of our challenges is to learn and evolve from them.  


Every external circumstance is a mirror of our internal consciousness. Where there is conflict in our life is where we are being invited to consciously look within ourselves and take inventory of our attitudes, beliefs, fears, and insecurities. In other words, make the unconscious—conscious. As our circumstances are, but mirrors of consciousness showing us where we need to change, adapt, and expand. But remember, creating new thought patterns and neural pathways takes consistent, conscious, concerted effort. Authentically embodying our True Self requires the self-awareness of how and why we do the things we do. 


Our aim, therefore, is to make what is unconscious within us, conscious. And we transform ourselves through self-awareness and taking intentional action. That is, by becoming more conscious. Thus, the Source of transformation is consciousness, and self-awareness is the pathway to raising our level of consciousness and realising our True Self. Therefore, every circumstance in our life is our roadmap to elevating our self-awareness and authenticity, to discover freedom and autonomy. Everything in the universe arises out of consciousness; everything comes into existence, evolves and transforms through consciousness. Which is why consciousness is the source of our inner power and holds the key to self-transformation. Our True Self is always a reflection of our inner truth, individuality, and genuine desires that reflect our deepest values.


Considering consciousness is metaphysical in nature, when applied to personal transformation and manifestation, tapping into our inner power, as the name suggests, must come from within the Self. Consciousness is an internal state of Being. So to affect change on any level—including the external—a shift in consciousness is necessary: an internal transformation must take place, first and foremost. Since outer and inner states of Being are intrinsically connected. That’s why self-awareness, inner transformation and embodying the True Self, go hand-in-hand. While consciousness is an abstract concept, we can dissect the mechanics of cause and effect to implement practical tools to assist us in transforming the Self. But before we do so, it’s important to really understand the nature of consciousness to truly comprehend its role in pinpointing the True Self.


Consciousness is known by many names including, the One Life; Source; Life Force; Creative Power; but whatever you want to call it, it permeates everything and is the Source of all things; physical and non-physical. On one level, it’s the essence of existence itself: Quintessence or Spirit, because at its innermost core, it’s the indwelling Spirit of life. On another level, from a conceptual standpoint it’s the state or condition of being aware of itself; of being conscious of its own existence. We can also call it Present Awareness, the-space-between-thought. And this presence, this awareness, arises from deep within the core of our Being. Metaphysically it’s the creative energy of pure potential. Thus, consciousness is the fountainhead; the chief source of all creativity.

Painted differently, picture consciousness as a limitless network of interconnected systems of information that link together via a vast matrix of multifaceted energy forms. Boundless in nature, its breadth and depth is beyond our conscious conception. And because consciousness is simply energy, all potentialities exist, somewhere, on some plane of existence in the formless dimension. Possibility lies, crouched in eagerness, awaiting our awareness to transform the formless into form. Put simply, our capacity for transformation depends on our state of consciousness.


As noted, consciousness is energy, but it’s also spiritual in nature. Spiritual meaning of Spirit. The word spirit comes from the Latin word for breath, which is spiritus, and means the thing that animates life. In this way, consciousness is the Creative Source and power of all things; inanimate and animate, including our own Being. So in this sense we’re all spiritual beings because we all require spirit, or breath, for life. For this reason, our essential nature is spiritual and thus one and the same as Source. It follows too that our inherent essence is all-knowing and all-powerful. As it is consciousness itself, springing from the One Life from which all creation flows. To reiterate, our Being; the essence of who we are is Source—the underlying creative power and potential of all life. To this end, consciousness is the source of transformation—and the heart and soul of our True Self—a creative, individual, expression of Divine Truth.